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About Project

Launching the implementation of ,,TOURISM INFORMATION CENTER OF HATEG” Project

Date of contract signing: 27.04.2015

Management authority:    Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration

Intermediate Body: National Authority for Tourism

Beneficiary: Territorial Administrative Unit : HATEG TOWN

Total value of the project: 593,337.20 lei

Non-reimbursable fund value: 562,667.20 lei

Own contribution of the beneficiary: 41,923.34 lei

General objective: construction and endowment of the National Center of Tourism Information in Hateg town.

Specific objectives:

– Promotion of the tourism potential of the zone in order to increase the number of tourists visiting the zone

– Development of the information service supply and tourism promotion at the zone level by establishing the Tourism Information Center of Hateg.

– Establishing an integrated and computerized system of tourism offers in Hunedoara county by enhancing the regional level tourism information taking into account that currently, there are few information centers at region level.

Expected results: tourism information and promotion center; number of visitors ithin 5 years since the project finalization : 400,000 ; number of web site visitors within 5 years since the project finalization : 700,000; newly established jobs:  2

Duration of implementation:  8  months

Number of the funding application: V/3/5/5.3/C/837/17.10.2013

Legal representative:  Marcel Adrian Goia – Mayor of Hateg Town