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Ski Area


Straja resort is situated in the Jiu Valley, in the heart Vâlcan at 1445 meters altitude. In Straja are about 26 kilometers from the ski area, divided by 12 runs, each equipped with cableway facility.

Straja Slope: average 800 meters

Slope Wolf: difficult, 500 meters

Slope Wolf II: average 750 meters

Canal Slope: average 1200 meters

Plateau Constantinescu: easy 1700 meters

The Holy Gheorghe: lightweight, 700 meters

Mutu slope: average 1300 meters

Plateau Sun: lightweight, 450 meters

Gondola Slope: average 3200 meters

Peak slope. Straja: average 1000 meters

Slope for beginners: easy 400 meters



At Râuşor to arrive in Bucharest – Targu-Jiu, DN 66 to Hateg track where signposts or to Arad – Caransebes town of Mills River, where there are only 10 kilometers away. Râuşor slope is 1000 meters long and a level difference of 380 meters. From the top of the main part there are three routes with varying degrees of difficulty:

Râuşor classic route: the first 300 meters have a greater difficulty, the following are average 1000

The trail through the woods: is 1500 m and is of medium intensity

Relay route on the 1200 meters and has a medium difficulty



Parang resort is located 15 kilometers from the town of Petrosani. Access is by all means of transport to Petrosani and from there to lift a distance of 5 km. Accommodation can be done both in the Rusu, which is at a distance of about 1 kilometer ropeway and in Parang Alpin area. On the slopes there are several sports equipment rental shops, terraces and restaurants.

Part B: beginners advanced and 3,200 meters

Part: Starter 3500 meters

Slope: Europarâng: average 600 meters

Slope Under Chairlift: average 370 meters

Saivan Slope: average 900 meters

Part C: average 250 meters

Boar Lane slope: average 750 meters

New Chairlift Intermediate beginners

Slope Wall of Death: Advanced


Cheile Butii

Keys Gate is Butii southern entrance of Yosemite National Park and hosts one ski slope for beginners. It is an ideal place for those who shun crowded places in the famous resorts. Its length is 400 m and the level difference of 60 meters. Starting altitude is 1099 meters and the 1039 meters of the finish. There is no night and artificial snow.

Butii key parts: 400 meters, easy