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Spa Treatment

Geoagiu Bai Spa Treatment Hunedoara


It is a permanent spa situated 18 km north of Deva and 46 km northeast of Deva, in a hilly area at an altitude of 350 m, located in the homonymous depression at the foot of the SE of the Ore Mountains at the confluence the river Mures. Geoagiu village was attested in 1805.

In 1885 there were 900 visitors come to the spa treatment.

The climate is continental moderate with no winds and frosts. The annual average temperature 9.8 degrees C.

Inviting environment consisting of alkaline mineral water, slightly sulfurous, bicarbonate, magnesium, mesothermal and thermal (29-32 degrees C); Peat mud, ferruginous, sedative climate.

Therapeutic indications: musculoskeletal disorders (rheumatism, neuralgia); gynecological diseases, metabolic diseases and Nurit; dermatological diseases hepatitis, chronic cholecystitis.

Fresh air and mountain breezes constantly refreshed by the resort recommended for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system, fatigue, exhaustion, anemia, neurosis.

In Roman times, Baile Geoagiu were known as “Thermae Germisara” or “Germisara as Thermis”. Roman thermal baths (Germisara) kept almost the same shape as in ancient times, being built in the present location Geoagiu in a circular headland diameter of 90-95 m. The bathrooms have worked in two phases (and subsequently Germisara Thermae Dodona ). In 1935, the current small beach digging wells with thermal waters were unearthed statues representing the Aesculapius (Aesculap) and Aegean (Hygeia), which testify to the intense life of those times.

Here it is certified and a temple dedicated Nymphaelor, and deposits altars, statues, coins and precious metal objects (votive plaques seven gold).

After the withdrawal of the Romans, until the Middle Ages not present data on Geoagiu Baths, they alleged that they were being left in desolation. The first mention of medieval times come from Geovane Andrea Gromo, mercenary Italian commander of the guard Prince John Sigismund, recording the restoration of bathrooms at mid-century. 16 by Queen Isabella, wife of John Sigismund Zápolya Hungarian king “established there some pleasant bathrooms, which often uses the King.”


Spa treatment units


Ceres Hotel – 245 beds category 2 stars.

Address: Str. Vilelor, Geoagiu, Hunedoara County

Phone: 0254/249 046, 0254 / 249.045


Hotel Germisara – hotel and spa resort

Address: Str. Germisara nr.1B, Geoagiu, Hunedoara County

Phone: +40 372 541 000 / +40 254 249 000