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The Museum of Hațeg District

There are not many places in the world where you can find the perfect harmony of the Romanian land image, showing impeccably the  greatness and kindness, the reconciliation of earth with heaven, man’s love for man and the work of human hands, light and bitterness of songs and dance, the good taste shown in national costumes and traditions.


The District of Haţeg is a synthesis of all of these and that is the reason why it deserves a museum of its own. Therefore, on January 24, 2005, it was inaugurated The Museum of Hateg District in The Hateg House of Culture.

The District of Haţeg is famous for the traditional costumes that still keep numerous elements related to the old Dacian costume, as it can be seen on Trajan’s Column in Rome. Unfortunately, nowadays these costumes are rarely worn by the local inhabitants. The Romanian pastoral festivals and fairs are now the only occasions when we can admire the men’s costume consisting of long trousers, wide belt and knitted waistcoat or the women’s costume composed of chemise, peasant skirt and vest.


The Museum of Hațeg District is located in the center of Hateg town, near the bridge over the Galbena River. Here you can see traditional clay pots, traditional costumes, carved wooden spoons and bowls, musical instruments and handmade toys. You should not be surprised when you see the tools that the peasants used in their farmsteads. Some of them, such as the grater or the carpenter compass are the ancestors of the modern tools that we have today in our homes.




The Museum of Hațeg District

Str. Florilor (near the National Tourist Information Center Hațeg)
Opening hours: daily from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Free admission